Have you ever wondered even after all your efforts why isn’t your business growing? Not having your business name as per numerology might be the reason for it!

Names play a crucial role in your life. Once you are given a name at the time of your birth or while naming something important like your business ventures, the energy and vibrations of that name stays with you and affect you for the rest of your lives.

So, it is extremely essential to name your child according to the numerology and your business name as per numerology or take consultations with good and reputed numerologists every time you name something as well as for other important occasions in your life.

Pooja Jainn, a top numerologist in India is an expert when it comes to naming according to the numerology new born baby names as well as in naming businesses.

A name has the power to determine your path in life, personality as well as inner drive. It can make revelations about you and the world around you that you might not even be aware of.

Numerology is a highly trusted science of numbers and has gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to these reasons.

In order to choose a good name, you need to be well aware of the basics of numerology like how to find numerology number for new born baby or how to analyze those numbers and see if it is a lucky one for you.

For a novice or a person with very little knowledge of name numerology, it can be quite hard to select a lucky name that brings luck and positive vibes in your personal as well as professional lives.

At times like this, Digits N Destini comes to your rescue! Pooja Jainn of Digits N Destini is a highly reputed numerologist in India who has years-long of expertise in numerology new born baby names and business names according to numerology. She has helped thousands of people, as well as businesses, grow and succeed by aiding them in choosing a lucky name.

Top Lucky and Positive Numbers in Business name as per Numerology

A name is of great significance and it is really important to understand that not only names or name numbers are lucky for everyone.

This is why different people and different types of businesses gain from a different business name as per numerology.

A lucky name for you is a combination of letters that are evaluated using personal details like your date of birth, your ruling planet, the time of your birth, and other important details. Each such detail in numerology is related to some number which is linked to particular traits that define many important factors in your life.

It is very clear now that knowing how to find numerology number for new born baby or businesses is needed to calculate a lucky name for you.

At Digits N Destini we have long years of experience in helping people choose the right names for themselves and their firms.

Given below are some of the numbers in numerology that are considered to be lucky for a business name as per numerology in general irrespective of the type of business, etc.

The top luckiest business name numbers are:

  • Number 9

According to Numerology, the Heavenly 9 is a powerful number. The number 9 has been designated as the symbol of fairness in numerology. It is the finest lucky number for a company or organization in the corporate sector according to numerology.

This number symbolizes nature’s strength. The powerhouse of numbers in the 9 series, such as 45 and 27, will have a significant mystic impact on your business and help you flourish.

The number 45 in the number 9 series is said to signify the traits of wisdom and capability. Similarly, the number 27 in this series stands for mysticism.

Business owners born on the dates 5, 23, 14, 9, 27, and 18 are said to benefit the most out of the number 9 and the other numbers in its series. 

So, if your birthdate falls among the above list, you should keep your business name as per numerology according to this name number and take full advantage of the positive vibrations of the number 9. However, if your business is related to the field of accounting, you should avoid using this number.

  • Number 5

 The number 5 is exceptional or astounding and is also often known as the universal guardian. It re-adjusts itself to suit everyone, regardless of their birth date or line of work, in terms of boosting their business.

Except for weddings, this number can be used for any type of event. The major digits in Series 5 are 32, 41, 23, 68, and 50, with the number 23 being the most powerful in the numerology series of number 5.

Due to its strong attraction, number 32 is known as the Vikramaditya sign. The numbers 32 and 41 are both fortunate too and have a similar meaning. But even though 23 is the golden number, it is rarely utilized to keep business names as per numerology as only very few companies have names that are only five or six letters long.

  • Number 51

The number 51 is really fascinating. Top numerologists like Pooja Jainn of Digits N Destini say that Venus, the Goddess of Wealth and Success, is depicted as number six. This is why many of the leading fortune 500 enterprises have unique names that begin with the number 51. You can learn how to find numerology number for new born baby to check whether the number 51 is favorable for your business venture or not.

The number 51 helps the company become extremely successful, and makes the owner of the company very powerful. 

  • Number 33

The number 33 in numerology is also known as the number of the God of Wealth- Kuber, or the number of wealth. This number is associated with immense prosperity and riches in all areas of business. In business name as per numerology, this number symbolizes the spirit of faith and sustenance. As a result, number 33 is more commonly associated with artistic and service-oriented professions and businesses.

  • Number 2

In numerology, the number two is said to have a great balance. The number two represents harmony, justice, harmony, feelings, and perception. Keeping your child’s name according to the numerology new born baby names as 2 could help your child live with these traits in life.  This number denotes the business lines that are extremely important in terms of partnerships and networking.

As a result, this number could be beneficial for employing appropriate management and innovative ideas. It can be useful for those who have a high level of thinking ability or for people who want to start a networking business.

  • Number 7

According to the top numerologist Pooja Jainn of Digits N Destini, the number 7 is an intriguing number. Enlightenment and spiritual developments are associated with the number seven in numerology. This figure is often accompanied by a sense of mystery and magic. 

The children with numerology new born baby names as seven have a distinct approach to life and the world, focusing on the individuality of each situation and responding closely to the facets of unknown areas in life. The same is applicable to the business characteristics of this number; it has innovative business energy that is always focused on finding and understanding the hidden.


As you can see, your name plays a very important role in your life and so does your business name as per numerology. So it is important that you carefully choose names as well as other important events in life according to numerology.

A good name can make your life smooth and successful whereas an unlucky name can bring you obstacles in life that cannot be overcome by means other than changing names to match your energy frequencies.

Digits N Destini can help you name your child as per numerology new born baby names.