Be it your children’s name according to numerology new born baby names or your business name as per numerology, the energies the name emits have a direct effect on the name bearer’s abilities, skills, flaws, character, traits, and destiny.

A business name is like your first impression with your probable consumers. People tend to remember and judge your business based on your name. Sometimes your business name may be catchy and unique but your business might still fail. This may be because you did not consult with numerologists or consider numerology while choosing a name for your company.

You may have already heard that naming your child as per numerology new born baby names can help them lead a better life free of hindrances. 

Since your business name has a great impact on how your business is viewed by the rest of the world, you must choose your business name as per numerology.

We, at Digits N Destini, have expertise in dealing with numbers and can help your business find a lucky name for the smooth success of your business.

Numerology is a science that is founded on the assumption that the whole of the universe is made up of numbers that can be converted to a numeric value. 

Knowing how to find numerology number for new born baby or grown-ups can tell you a lot about them. The analysis of numerals and their spiritual connotations is known as numerology. Every number is thought to have its own set of energy vibrations. Numbers could assist you in comprehending and managing your life better with a deeper sense of meaning, as per numerology.

So, keeping your baby’s name according to the numerology new born baby names is very important to keep obstacles away from your children’s life.

The importance of naming a firm is significant, and numerology can provide the necessary boost to the business’s future. For example, you should make sure that the vibrations of the name of the founder and your business name are in harmony for the success of a business. You can consult with professional numerologists like Pooja Jainn to make sure that your vibrations match.

Keeping a business name as per numerology can be quite helpful to any company. Numerology can also be used to decide several other aspects of your business, including the opening date, the name of the owners, logo, design brand name, and so on.

How to select a lucky name by using numerology

To comprehend how names affect our energies and draw other energy vibrations, numerous approaches have been created over time.

There are several ways of calculating your important numbers to come up with a good name for your company. 

You can select your business name as per numerology by using your life path number as well as your expression numbers. 

Your life path number manifests itself in the shape of motivations and goals throughout your lifetime. So, it is beneficial to know how to find numerology numbers for new born baby or other things. You can find out your life path number by adding up the alphabet in your name including your initials. You will get a two-digit number by adding the numerical value of the alphabet of your name. You need to further add these two numbers and you will get your life path number.

In numerology, the expression number is the most important. It is derived by allocating a numerical value to every letter in your company’s name.

The following are the two most common ways for calculating expression numbers:

  1. The Pythagorean system of numbers was founded by Pythagoras, a prominent mathematician who was intrigued by numbers and went on to discover the impact of numbers in your life.
  1. The Chaldean System of calculating your expression number was founded by the ancient Babylonians.

While the Pythagorean system assigns numbers to alphabets on a scale of 1-9, the Chaldean system considers ‘number 9’ to be transformative and employs a scale of 1-8.

The Pythagoras approach is the most well-known and applied among the two.

What is the significance of each expression number 

Number 1– In the field of numerology, number one is thought to be fortunate. It is considered to be the number of visionaries, inventors, and adventurers. In every aspect, the numeral one denotes becoming first and at the top.

Number 2-The teamwork, fellowship, connection, and balance are all significant characteristics of number 2. Keeping business name as per numerology connected to this number can help you if your company deals with relations, weddings, counselling, or coaching.

Number 3– Self-expression, creativity, and the skill of effective communication are all represented by the number three.

Number 4– The number four represents the emphasis, basis, and approaches. With a name that includes the term No. 4, any business associated with housing, construction, or architecture should thrive.

Furthermore, the strong energy of this number enables you to finish your task systematically.

Number 5– The number 5 is one of the most popular business numbers. Entertainment, exploration, and liberation are all represented by the number five.  So, if you’ve been aiming to be a tour guide or something else connected to travel, a name that includes this number should work the best for you.

Number 6– The number 6 is associated with restoration, comfort, and peace. This number is appropriate for any company that specializes in healthcare, medicines,  housing, eateries, or commodities for the houses.

Number 7– The three main qualities that come to mind while thinking of number 7 are fascination, faith, and mindfulness. So, considering this number while selecting your business name as per numerology will draw strong cosmic energies to your business.

Similarly, keeping your child’s numerology new born baby names with the expression number 7 can instil these qualities in them.

Number 8– The number 8 is the number of equilibrium. It is a very strong number that draws a huge amount of energy. This number, therefore, should be picked with caution because it has the potential of making or shattering your destiny.

We, at Digits N Destini, have the best numerologist who can guide you if your business expression number is 8.

By using this number, any firm providing legal, financial, or investment-related services could prosper. The number 8 is said to be related to significant amounts of risk, which is not ideal for a startup company.

Number 9- The number 9 represents altruism, idealistic thinking, and comprehensive revolution. This number is appropriate for companies that provide charity work, fundraisers, or complete makeovers.

Other important numerological numbers that are considered to be beneficial to businesses are the numbers 33, 51, 87, 42,15, etc, which fall in the number 6 series. We, at Digits N Destini, can help you find the expression number that matches well with your vibrations so that your business can grow easily.

The numbers in the series of 1, 5, 6, and 9 are considered to be one of the strongest or luckiest numbers for any business type.

If you have decided on the name of your business as per numerology, you should also consider choosing a lucky date for the opening of your business. Your birth date or life path number plays an important role in choosing an auspicious date for your business’ opening. Everyone has their life path number or destiny number and it can make a huge impact on your business. Every such number is connected to a ruling planet.

With expression numbers, you can easily figure out a lucky and strong name for your company. However, you should also consider other important numerology numbers like your personality number, destiny number, and your soul urge number as these numbers also play a critical role in bringing success to your business.

Digits N Destini can help consider all these factors for your business or for naming your child. We can solve your confusion about how to find numerology number for new born baby or your business and save you from the trouble of doing all these calculations.

How to select a lucky Business Name as per Numerology

The name of a company is crucial to the success of any enterprise. Every number has a certain vibration. It is only when the frequencies of your business are in match with the business owners that the company can reach the greatest heights of success.

 A company name as per numerology is selected by using the owner’s date of birth. Selecting a business name as per numerology helps the vibrations of the business owners and the business match which leads to smooth operations of the business and thus, its success.

Business numerology revolves around comparing your good or bad numbers to the name of your company, brand, or business. Choosing a suitable company name as per numerology calculations may bring you luck. You also take into account other suitable variables when determining the business numerology. This includes figuring out the ideal time to establish a firm, the optimal period to close deals, vetting potential business partners, and much more.

Numerologists say that many people who do not get their numbers verified, often start their businesses on the dates they choose, or do not choose their business name as per numerology often run into several problems later on, such as financial losses, legal problems, problems with business partners, etc. 

Your company name as per numerology exudes potent energy that has the potential to lead to great success. The letters or words that compose your company’s name define how it will turn out. 

Your business name as per numerology should always be compatible with the birthdate and other essential elements of the entity’s or business owner’s numerology chart. The vibrations or energy of the right business name as per numerology can do wonders for your business.

A good company name as per numerology appeals to the target market and the type of enterprise it will be. For example, the company name as per numerology with the name number 8 is said to be good for businesses related to the finance or legal sector.The numerical values of the company name’s letters can be used to calculate the numerology resonance, which is typically known as the Destiny number in the numerology chart. You must assess whether your message will resonate with customers.

Using the right business name as per numerology chosen after careful numerological calculations can help your corporation generate leads, experience prosperous circumstances, and get fantastic outcomes. So, you should always consult a good numerologist when choosing a good business name as per numerology.


When launching a new firm, you must get rid of all concerns about how things will turn out in the future. You may always rely on numerology if you want to be sure of your future prosperity. Before you establish a business, the first thing you’ll need to do is choose a name for it. So, you must choose your business name as per numerology.

You could also consult with the top numerologists in India like Pooja Jainn or you could also do so by learning how to find numerology number for new born baby or businesses as both are similar.

If you are looking forward to starting a business, we at Digits N Destini can help you select the luckiest name for your business that will help in the smooth growth and development of your company.