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About Digits N Destini

Pooja Jainn — Founder & Chairperson at Digits N Destini — is a management graduate and an educationist with 15 years of experience. An Ace Numerologist and a Master Tarot Reader, Pooja has several accolades to her stride.

She is India’s top and award-winning numerologist for newborn baby names. She has been serving society by providing the best child names to ensure kids have a promising future. These lucky names really do wonders for the child.

Pooja’s expert advice in Business Numerology has done wonders for businesses. She has served numerous businesses by providing Lucky Business Names, Lucky Mobile Numbers, Lucky Designs, Launch Dates, and many more. She has always been considered globally best in Lucky Mobile Number Numerology and Business Name Numerology.

A famous numerologist for personality analysis through number science and tarot reading predictions, she has been in the field of meditation for the last 15 years. She has led a journey to awaken her psychic powers in recent years. She is not only a certified numerologist and a tarot counselor, but also a trainer at Digits N Destini.

As a personality reader, she has built a tall stack of famous professionals in the fields of medicine, politics, the fashion industry, the film industry, and publishing among many others. Along with presenting personality trait analysis, she also helps people seeking help through Tarot Card consultation, offering complete solutions to worldly problems.

Digits N Destini has already produced several Tarot readers and Numerology specialists who are highly regarded in the space.

Pooja has provided consultation to numerous clients across the globe. She is considered the best numerologist in Hyderabad and Telangana. However, her Online Numerology Consultation has helped her to be globally accessible. Hence she has clients from almost all parts of the world including the USA, Australia, the UK, UAE, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and many more European and Asian countries.

She also has a never-ending list of clients from major Indian towns like Bangaluru, Kolkotta, Bhubneshwar, Delhi NCR, Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Jaipur, Chennai, Pune, Vizag and many more.


New Born Baby Name As Per Numerology (Child Name)

Pooja is a nationally acclaimed Newborn Baby Name Expert offering services for lucky, unique, euphonic, and meaningful names for newborn babies. The names are based on:

Numerology, Astrology, Horoscope, Literature, Mythology, Synonyms of the master planet, Culture, Region, religion, Mother tongue, contemporary, and Research based on the specific need of the client.

She has been reckoned as the expert in New Born Baby Names globally. She has been honored with numerous awards for her exceptional contribution to the field of name numerology. She strongly feels that the top Names derived from the Numerology science yield exceptional results in the field of career, business, relationship, etc.

As you are born with a Date of Birth, the number of your birthday starts putting your life into action. The moment you take a breath the date of birth starts playing a role in your life path. As you grow, numbers intrude in life in many forms one after the other. Be it your Date of Admission to School, your Marksheet or wedding date, Roll Number, etc.

The Luck of life revolves around these numbers which are under the influence of your Date of birth as that’s the original number whose energy you are carrying. Therefore a successful career with a Lucky DOB can be designed with the help of Lucky Name through Numerology.

The mechanism of Numerology is simple, it goes this way: 1. Alphabets of your name hold the energy of a specific number. 2. The alignment of the name along with the surname will attract the energy of the number planet which was missing in your life and is a must. 3. All the numbers are under the control of the major 9 planets, thus deriving the balance may result in fortune or Luck to our identity and Successful life. 4. The Best Name as per Numerology can entirely change one’s personality thereby making him or her confident, desirable, and famous.

Pooja has done extensive research in the last 9 years by doing a deep dive into a lot of Numerological aspects like Name Numerology Calculator as per Date of Birth, Name Analysis Numerology, Lucky Names, Colors, Days, Signature, Numerology Name Meaning, Numerology Name Calculator in Telugu, Numerology Name and Date of Birth Compatibility Calculator, Lo shu grid Name Calculator, Most powerful Name as per Numerology, Name Number Numerology, Indian Name Numerology Calculator with Date of Birth, Birth Name Numerology, Tarot Names, Best Name for Child and Newborn babies, Astrology Numerology Name, Name Numerology for Success in Future.

We hope that Pooja’s advice for Name Correction & Selection will bring a ray of hope, luck, opportunities, and a lot of success you truly deserve.

All the Best!!

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      Pooja Jain – Numerologist in Hyderabad,Best numerologist in Hyderabad, Numerologist in Telangana Numerology has a profound effect on a person’s life. You should not undervalue the power of numbers in determining your fate. Therefore, it is crucial to consult the best numerologist in Telangana before making crucial life decisions.Digits N Destini is the destination for you if you need a professional numerology consultancy in India to guide you in life.

     What are the Major Achievements of Digits N Destini?

    • Award for Best Numerologist in India for Child Name:

    Digits N Destini has been awarded the Global Choice Award for being the best numerologist in India for Child names. Digits N Destini believes that a name plays a very important role in an individual’s life. A good name that has been carefully selected by considering numerology can be bliss to your child, whereas an unlucky name can bring many unwanted obstacles in one’s life. Pooja Jainn is the best numerologist in Hyderabad and the best numerologist for child names in India. Digits N Destini, which has also been awarded as the best numerologist in Telangana for newborn numerology names, believes that the letters of your initial, as well as last name, hold special energy. It is also believed that the numerical value of those two must be in alliance with your rising planet’s number. A lucky name is one that is in alliance with your rising stars or planet. Digits N Destini has assisted thousands of parents in choosing a lucky name as per numerology for their children and gave them the blessing of a happy, healthy life with good and positive vibrations. The names chosen by Digits N Destini have proven to bring the name bearer luck and prosperity. This has ensured that the kids have a promising and bright future that is free of negativity and obstacles. Digits N Destini has also received multiple honors for outstanding contributions to the field of name numerology.Book an appointment with Digits N Destini, the best numerologist in Hyderabad to get the best advice about your names and unlock the door to many opportunities in life.

    • Best Numerology and Tarot Course in India

    Numerology is very important in one’s life. Pooja Jainn, the founder of Digits N Destini who is also an educationist, started numerology and tarot courses with the aim of spreading knowledge and awareness about the significance of numbers and tarot readings. Digits N Destini has been recognized for providing a great platform for numerology and tarot courses to people all over the world. As the best numerologist in Hyderabad, Digits N Destini has produced many good talents in the field of numerology and tarot readings. The different courses provided by Digits N Destini include a numerology course, tarot reading course, a course on name or signature correction, birth date analysis course,mobile numerology, a course on lucky numbers and colors, a course on designing as per numerology, and a comprehensive course on tarot and numerology reading. All these courses by Digits N Destini who is the best numerologist in Telangana are divided into different sessions on completion of which tests are taken, and thereafter certificates are awarded to the students for successfully undertaking the course. Many students of Digits N Destini have successfully created a name and recognition for themselves as professionals in the field.

    • Best in Service Award for Corporate Consulting

    Digits N Destini has been awarded as the Best in Service in Numerology by Hybiz Tv, one of the top digital business channels in India with more than a million viewers. Numerology in business plays a crucial role in determining the success of your organization. According to Digits N Destini, the top numerologist in Hyderabad, if the vibrations of your business’s name do not match your frequency, it may lead to the downfall of your business. Digits N Destini helps in choosing many important factors that hold influence over your firm’s growth like the business name, date of registration, opening dates for stores, signature, and many more. Digits N Destini, the best numerologist in Hyderabad, believes that numerology plays a significant role in determining the growth and development of a business, the same way it affects one’s personal life. It has helped many businesses like Metalika Industries, Mid-Day Foods Pvt. Ltd, Kishanlal Mayaram Food Industries Pvt. Ltd and many more companies succeed with the help of numerology and tarot readings. Digits N Destini, the best numerologist in Hyderabad, is highly recognized for its good corporate consulting abilities and has helped businesses of all scales in many different fields, in selecting a lucky name or date for their growth and success. Digits N Destini helps in choosing your business name after careful consideration of your birth date, the ruling planet as well as the ruling planets and birthdates of any other partners in your business. If all these factors are not taken into consideration, it may bring unnecessary hindrances in the path of your business’ success. Book an appointment with Digits N Destini, the best numerologist in Telangana, and receive consultations on your business numerology to help it grow successfully. What are the Major Solutions and Services Offered by Digits N Destini, the best numerologist in Hyderabad?

    • Numerology and Tarot Readings

    Digits N Destini, with its years of experience in offering genuine numerological solutions, is one of the best numerologist in Telangana and a leading consultancy in India for tarot reading. Digits N Destini believes that with the help of numerology and the right tarot reading predictions, you can uncover a lot of information about yourself as well as the world around you. It is only through genuine numerological readings and important core numerology numbers like life path number, personality number, heart desires number, etc that you can uncover truths about yourselves that you would not be aware of otherwise.Through numerology readings and tarot predictions, Digits N Destini, the best numerologist in Telangana has helped hundreds of people in knowing the right directions in their life and their inner callings.

    • Name Numerology Calculator as per Date of Birth

    Digits N Destini is the best name numerology firm in India. The name numerology calculator as per birth date helps in finding the compatibility of your name or your business’s name with their birthdate. The name calculator is also available in Telugu. Digits N Destini is one of the top numerologist in Hyderabad. A compatible name as per numerology calculator will help in bringing good luck in the life of the name bearer. Digits N Destini also utilizes other numerological calculating methods like the Lo Shu Grid Name Calculator. You could easily check the name and birth date compatibility of your child’s name with the help of the Indian name numerology calculator.

    • Name Analysis and Corrections

    Digits N Destini is the best numerology consultancy in India for Child names, and it has been awarded many times for it. It is also one of the best numerology firms for name analysis and name correction services.Apart from being the best at choosing lucky names for new born babies, Digits N Destini, the best numerologist in Hyderabad is also highly recognized for offering name analysis and name correction solutions to people all around the world.At Digits N Destini, hundreds of people have received counselling regarding their names and have successfully modified their names or even completely changed their names to match their vibrations. A name is a very important part of ourselves. It often acts as our identity and determines many important things in our life. If not chosen as per numerology, some names can be harmful to you or your business.Digits N Destini helps in analyzing your or your business’s name and checks its impact on your lives.The best numerologist in Hyderabad, Digits N Destini has successfully helped hundreds of people in changing their names. Many lives changed for the better with the help of it. A renowned numerologist in Hyderabad, Digits N Destini is the best name numerologist all over India.

    • Personality Analysis

    Digits N Destini believes that personality analysis is an important aspect of numerology that helps one know a great deal about themselves. As the best numerologist in Telangana, Digits N Destini is highly acknowledged for analyzing the personalities of people accurately. The important numbers in your life, specifically your personality number influences your personality or characteristics that stay with you throughout your life. Digits N Destini has evaluated the personality of many people including famous personalities from different fields like politics, medicine, fashion industry, publishing, and film industry, among many other people. Digits N Destini, the best numerologist in Hyderabad has years of expertise in analyzing personality very precisely. With tarot reading predictions and numerological readings, Digits N Destini has helped several people get an accurate analysis of their personalities and in developing a better understanding of themselves.

    • Online Numerology Consultations

    Digits N Destini, the best numerologist in Hyderabad, also provides online numerology counseling and has helped people all around the world with the help of numerology and the internet! The significance of numerology cannot be denied in life and in recent decades, numerology has started gaining a lot of popularity. But it is not always possible for everyone to visit a numerologist in person due to different reasons. Digits N Destini was established by its founder Pooja Jainn to help people take advantage of the positive energies and impact, that the right numerology and tarot readings can bring to their lives. As one of the leading numerology consultancies in India, Digits N Destini aims at delivering its services to people all over the world through the means of the internet and phone calls.With the help of online numerology consultations, you can easily find out important numerology numbers in your life as well as understand their impact on the different aspects of your life.

    • Lucky Color analysis

    According to Digits N Destini, the best numerologist in Telangana colors plays an important role in numerology. Each number is associated with different colors and your lucky colors are determined by the date of your birth. Digits N Destini helps in determining the lucky color for you as it has the power to do wonders in your life. A lucky color as per numerology that is in tune with the vibrations of your important numbers can make you stronger while an unlucky color worn to the wrong event can bring great problems to you or even hinder your success in the event.Digits N Destini has helped many people know about their strong and lucky colors and made them more powerful.

    Why should you consult Digits N Destini, the best numerologist in Telangana?

    Numerology plays a crucial role in determining the success or failure of a person as well as an organization. It is very important to know your numerology numbers and their connection and impact on your life. While you can find out most of your numerology numbers with just some basic knowledge of numerology and simple additions, understanding the traits related to such numbers and co-relating them in a way to make important revelations about yourselves takes experience and deeper knowledge. This is why it is necessary to consult a good numerology consultancy. Digits N Destini, the best numerologist in Hyderabad has the knowledge and expertise required for making correct numerological analysis. Digits N Destini has years of experience and is one of the best in India in the field of numerology counseling and tarot reading predictions. With accurate numerology and tarot readings, Digits N Destini offers complete solutions to all types of problems, may it be related to your personal life or your profession. Since its inception in 2016, Digits N Destini has offered genuine solutions to people and businesses and has eventually become the best numerologist in Telangana and a leading numerology consultancy in India. It has worked continuously since its establishment in guiding people and making their personal as well as professional lives better. Digits N Destini will help you in finding the solutions to most of your life problems and guide you towards a happy and healthy life with the help of numbers and tarot readings. The top numerologist in Hyderabad, Digits N Destini believes that with the help of the right numbers, you can maintain balance in your life and that is what the numerologist of Digits N Destini will help you achieve! Ways to find us – Pooja Jainn is the best numerologist in Hyderabad (Telangana & Andhra Pradesh), Bengaluru (Karnataka), Chennai (Tamil Nadu), Kolkata (West Bengal), Bhubaneswar (Odisha), and entire South India. Digits & Destini has become the number one Numerology Consultancy in India under her leadership.