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 About Digits N Destini

Pooja Jainn — Founder & Chairperson at Digits N Destini — is a management graduate and an educationist with 15 years of experience. An Ace Numerologist and a Master Tarot Reader, Pooja has several accolades to her stride.

She is India’s top numerologist for the newborn baby names. She has been serving society by providing the best child names to ensure kids have a promising future. These lucky names really do wonders for the child.

Famous numerologist for personality analysis through number science and tarot reading predictions, she has been in the field of meditation for the last 15 years and has led a journey to awaken her psychic powers in recent years.

She is not only a certified numerologist and a tarot counselor, but also a trainer at Digits N Destini.

As a personality reader, she has built a tall stack of famous professionals in fields of medicine, politics, fashion industry, film industry, publishing among many others.

Along with presenting personality trait analysis, she also helps people seeking help through Tarot Card consultation, offering complete solutions to worldly problems.

Pooja has provided consultation to numerous clients across the globe. Her Online Numerology Consultation has helped her to do so.

Digits N Destini has already produced several Tarot readers and Numerology specialists who are highly regarded in the space.

Pooja Jainn is the best numerologist in Hyderabad (Telangana & Andhra Pradesh), Bengaluru (Karnataka), Chennai (Tamil Nadu), Kolkata (West Bengal), Bhubaneswar (Odisha) and entire South India. Digits & Destini has become the number one Numerology Consultancy in India under her leadership.

Newborn Baby Names (Child Names)

Pooja Jainn has been recognised as the expert in New Born Baby Names in entire India. She has been honored with numerous awards for her exceptional contribution in name numerology.

Following are her views on the subject:

Top Names as per Numerology science yields top results in the field of career as well as personal front. As you are born with a Date of Birth, the numbers of your birthday start putting your life in action. The moment you take a breath the numbers of date of birth starts playing a role in your life path. As you grow, the numbers enter in life in many forms one after the other. Be it your Date of Admission in School, Marksheet or wedding date, Admission numbers etc., Luck of life revolves around these numbers which are under the influence of your Date of birth as that’s the original numbers whose energy you are carrying. Therefore a successful career with a Lucky DOB can be designed with the help of Lucky Name through Numerology. The mechanism of Numerology is simple, it goes this way:

1. Alphabets of your Name holds the energy of a specific number.

2. The total assignment to Name along with the Surname will attract the energy of the number planet which was missing in your life and is a must.

3. All the numbers are under the control of major 9 planets, thus directly connecting our fortune or Luck to our identity and Successful life.

4. Best Name as per Numerology can entirely change one’s personality thereby making his or her strong and famous.

Pooja has done extensive research in last 5 years by doing deep dive in a lot of Numerological aspects like Name Numerology Calculator as per Date of Birth, Name Analysis Numerology, Lucky Names, Colors, Days, Signature, Numerology Name Meaning, Numerology Name Calculator in Telugu, Numerology Name and Date of Birth compatibility Calculator, Lo shu grid Name Calculator, Most powerful Name as per Numerology, Name Number Numerology, Indian Name Numerology Calculator with Date of Birth, Birth Name Numerology, Tarot Names, Best Name for Child and Newborn babies, Astrology Numerology Name, Name Numerology for Success in Future and Name Correction & Selection.

We hope that your correct name will bring a lot of sucess to you in 2022.  Digits N Destini wishes you Best of Luck!

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