The study of numerical symbolism is known as numerology. It is employed to ascertain a person’s personality, talents, difficulties, inner demands, emotional responses, and interpersonal styles.

Every vibration in the universe has a unique frequency. Any object’s properties and energy can be determined by determining its vibrational rate. Using simply a person’s name and birth date as your starting point, you can calculate their main frequencies by applying numerological principles. The calculated frequencies can be subjected to a numerological examination to learn important details about personality and character. A name holds great significance in numerology and it is said to be one of the most important parts of our lives. 

There is a famous line by Shakespeare that says,” what’s in thy name”. We often fail to recognize that a name holds so much power in our lives. A name serves as your identity right from childhood till the end of your days. We also often perceive others to be of a certain kind owing to the name they bear.

There is so much in a name and choosing a name for your children should not be considered child play. Many parents these days often name their children after celebrities or after the latest trending names. Some parents even combine their names to come up with a new name for their child. It is important to understand that a numerological name for your newborn child is the only right way to name your baby. A fancy name or a trendy name would not do any good to the child and instead, it may affect the lives of your child negatively.

It is very important to choose your child’s name as per the numerology new born baby names. This is so because a person’s name has the power to determine your child’s traits, strong points, and entire existence. A name has a significant impact on your child’s life and it is only through a name as per numerology that your child can live up to their full potential in life.

Numerology New Born Baby Names and How it is Important for Your Child.

A name as per numerology that is chosen by consulting a good numerologist in India can help him or her possess good qualities in life. A newborn child’s name needs to be in sync with his birth data and this is done via numerology. This will strengthen his or her fortunes. It removes unnecessary obstacles from your past to make your affairs of life run more smoothly and enable you to fully utilize your potential as revealed by your core numerology numbers.

A name as per numerology can help you succeed in life by removing annoying limitations that are keeping you from achieving your goals and, most importantly, from carrying out your unique mission on this planet.

In numerology, there are five fundamental numbers. Among them, three of the five core numbers are generated using your numerology new born baby names, and the other two use your birth date. So, a name is regarded as being extremely significant as it is the base for determining your core numerology numbers.

The three core numbers in numerology that are calculated using your name as per numerology are the expression number, the heart’s desire number, and the destiny number.

Your expression number, also known as name number or destiny number is calculated using the letters of the first and last name as per numerology of your child. The personality number in numerology is calculated using the consonants of your first name whereas the heart desire number, also often known as the soul urge number is calculated using the vowels in the name of your baby.

In all these cases, the core numbers are calculated by adding the numerical values assigned to each letter in the name of your baby. Numerology assigns numbers 1-9 to every letter.

All these core numbers can make major revelations about your child’s life knowing which can help your child lead a better and healthier life. Thus, it is crucial to name your child as per numerology new born baby names.

An expression number that is calculated with the help of a name can reveal a lot about people and their unique characteristics. Being aware of your expression number can help you know about your innate abilities and challenges, together with your talents and capabilities.

For example, if your expression number is 2, you would grow up to become an outgoing person with a sympathetic soul who excels at cooperating with others. However, there is a drawback that your openness can make you potentially vulnerable to injury. Being aware of your vulnerabilities can help your child make corrections towards them in life.

The Personality Number is an important number that reveals many facets of your personality. Knowing your personality number will enable you to achieve in life since you will be aware of both your talents and shortcomings. Thus, with the right numerology new born baby names, you can know a lot about yourself.

Name Number of your Numerology New Born Baby Names, their meanings, and how they impact the life of your baby

Numerology new born baby names are extremely important for your baby. The name number is determined using the numerical values allocated to each letter of the English alphabet. These name numbers hold different meanings and can tell a lot about your child’s life. Let us see what these numbers for your child’s name as per numerology means and how it affects their life.

Number 1

The qualities of independence and leadership are linked to number 1. People with this name number have remarkable inner strength and have a lot of potential for success in terms of their careers and other areas of their lives. If numerology new born baby names are kept after this name number, your child will effectively influence and lead others by utilizing their innate talents and leadership qualities.

Number 2

A person whose numerology new born baby names number is 2 is seen as cooperative and very adaptable to any situation. The number two is linked to cooperation, conciliation, and serving others’ best interests. People with the name as per numerology with the number 2 typically have close friendships and are helpful, caring people.

Number 3

Advanced social skills and articulation are qualities related to number 3. Speaking with those with name number 3 is a pleasure, and they frequently have successful writing or speaking careers. They love life to the fullest and have vivid imaginations.

Number 4

 The characteristics of this number include order, practicality, sincerity, and hard effort. A person who is number 4 is disciplined, serious, honest, and committed to attaining his objective. A child with numerology new born baby names with this number can bring order to a chaotic setting.

Number 5

The number five represents brightness, passion, vitality, and variety in the baby name you have selected. These people are thought to be free-spirited and adventurous. They enjoy difficulties and find monotony boring. To keep their active mind occupied, they frequently need a variety of activities.

Number 6

The number six is linked to nurturing, sympathy, equilibrium, a civic obligation, and civic sensibility. Families are extremely important to people with the name as per numerology for the number 6. They are also prepared to take on duties and carry them out as effectively as they can.

Number 7

People who have number 7 are analytical and curious. They typically become excellent professors, scholars, or scientists because of their passion for information. They tend to do things their way and have a strong feeling of independence. People with a numerology new born baby names number 7 are thought to be independent and may come off as reticent.

Number 8

A person with the numerology new born baby names number 8 is ambitious, self-assured, realistic, and very good at carrying out goals. They are high achievers who put forth a lot of effort to rise to the top in their industry.

Number 9

A person with the number 9 is humane and selfless. The characteristics of numerology new born baby names number 9 are tolerance, sensitivity, idealism, and compassion. People with a number 9 personality tend to be generous with others.


A name as per numerology is crucial in your life in many ways. If you are a parent who is expecting a child soon, you must consult a good numerologist to assist you in choosing a lucky name for your child. As a parent, a lucky name as per numerology is the best gift you could ever give your child. Digits N Destini also has years of expertise in name correction. If you have already named your child, you can consult her to check the compatibility of their names.

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