Mobile phones have become an important part of our lifestyles today. Life would appear incomplete without a mobile phone. Your phone is always with you, day or night, at home, at the office, while shopping, or out and about. Now, having a mobile device is a status symbol. People spend so much money on their mobile phones. But there are chances that your expensive gadget is not lucky for you if you have not considered numerology while choosing the right number for yourself. A mobile number that is compatible with your numerology can be lucky for you. Therefore,mobile number selection as per numerology is extremely important.

Numerology is an important branch of knowledge that allows you to learn about the economic, social, behavioral, and family events that have occurred in your life in the past, present, and future. A specific number works for each person in astonishing ways because each number has its own specialties. Thus, a  mobile number has a great influence on your life too.

Knowing your lucky phone numbers can ensure your success every time. There is a unique number for everyone. Although it may sound absurd, our mobile number nevertheless has an impact on us in a variety of ways.

Each digit of a given phone number has a unique effect according to mobile phone numerology. Additionally, the number and its combination also have equal significance in determining whether an influence is favorable or negative.

There are several fixed numbers in everyone’s life, including their birth date, Aadhaar number, PAN number, credit card number, house number, etc. Because we are obligated to maintain these figures in their current form, it is frequently too difficult to change their influence.

When it comes to phone numbers, it is not the same. You can modify your cell numbers as needed to suit our convenience, and by doing so, you can increase the power of numbers. Additionally, you can take advantage of it by changing our mobile number if the number we wish to benefit from is not already in it.Pooja Jainn from Digits N Destini is one of the best numerologists in Hyderabad for mobile number selection as per numerology.

How to Know if a mobile number is lucky for you?

Making a mobile number selection as per numerology can be very lucky and advantageous to you or your business. You should consult a good numerologist to assist you in choosing a lucky number for you. Pooja Jainn from Digits N Destini is a leading numerologist in Hyderabad for mobile number selection as per numerology.

You can check whether your mobile number is lucky for you or not by adding all the digits of your phone number. The single-digit number you get as a result can tell you whether or not the mobile number is appropriate for you.

Let us take an example of a random phone number- 7818526194. You can check whether the number is lucky or not by adding the digits of the number and comparing their traits as per mobile number numerology.

The single digit number we get in this case is 6(7+8+1+8+5+2+6+1+9+4=58. Since a double-digit number cannot be the mobile number, you have to further add the two digits 5+1=6). The number 6 is the perfect number for stay-at-home moms, those who prioritize their families, and those who enjoy music and the arts.

By following the above calculation and checking their interpretations, you can know whether a phone number is lucky for you or not. If the number is not right for you and your business, you can consult the top numerologists in India to help you find the right combination of lucky phone numbers for you. Given below are the different numbers and their influence on different aspects of your life as per mobile number numerology. By choosing the right number as your phone number, you can lead a successful life.

  • Number 1

The number 1 in mobile number numerology has a strong, masculine trait that gives you more control over other people and your supremacy. Any startup, politician, or entrepreneur who is career-oriented should use this number.

  • Number 2

The mobile number selection as per numerology with the number 2 is ideal for individuals yearning for love and romance. This is also a fantastic number for any service-oriented industry, including restaurants, caregivers, and salons.

  • Number 3

The number three in mobile number numerology embodies the traits of personifying humor and creativity. It is a good number of young people, musicians, and artists. This number is also great for writers and musicians.

  • Number 4

This number is excellent for those connected to Accounting and Law firms organizations that need to concentrate on boosting their reputations and trust since it is stable, grounded, dependable, analytical, and reliable.Large families can also benefit from this number.

  • Number 5

With this number, you should always be prepared for the unexpected. Salespeople, activists, and travelers should all use this number. However, families should always steer clear of using this number due to a lack of responsibility and discipline.

  • Number 6

This number fosters a nurturing environment that improves relationships with family and friends since it is friendly, supportive, and protective. It is therefore ideal for families because it possesses all the necessary characteristics.

Number 6 may be bad for the company because it encourages rumors.The number six is appropriate for teachers and schools.

  • Number 7

Since number seven possesses spiritual traits, it is the best for academics and independent thinkers. However, it is not a great number for business owners. You should not use this number to look for pals or a relationship.

  • Number 8

 This number is ideal because it reliably generates funding for businessmen. It is appropriate for those who are driven to succeed and have high aspirations. Eight is a somewhat materialistic number that has a favorable impact on one’s work and financial situation. It is thought to be particularly lucky if your phone number contains a triple 8.

  • Number 9

This number promotes benevolence and idealism, and it works wonders for those who are connected to the healthcare industry. Owners of this number frequently have good fortune.

This is the number of immaterial properties, making it beneficial for charitable organizations. However, you should avoid this number if you have any health issues. 

Lucky Phone Numbers As Per Numerology

Given below are certain numbers and number combinations that are lucky. You can use these lucky phone numbers in your mobile number selection as per numerology to bring luck to your life.

  • Number 1

In mobile number numerology, the number one always brings fame and money. The highest likelihood of achieving fame and notoriety belongs to those whose mobile numbers begin with 1. It is said that a person with the grudge of missing out on prospects, acknowledgment, and credit for their effort and innovation must have the number 1 in their lucky phone numbers.

  • Number 3

The number 3 is frequently regarded as unlucky however, it is an extremely lucky number in mobile number numerology for titles, status, reputation, and education. Additionally, it provides enormous wealth to individuals and business sectors engaged in consulting related to treatment or concept sales.

  • Number 5

The number 5 in mobile number numerology is considered to be very lucky. Success in business and trades is influenced by number 5. So, if you are a business owner, you should make a mobile number selection as per numerology including this number.

  •  Number 1 and 7

A public sector job has a unique appeal in India. The numbers 1 and 7 are fortunate for government job aspirants. So, if you are bold enough to study hard enough to get a government job, your mobile number selection as per numerology must include the numbers 1 and 7.

  • Numbers 6 and 9 

The pairing of the lucky phone numbers 6 and 9 can be advantageous for anyone active in the business industry whose system or company’s operation depends heavily on the management sector.

  • Number 16

When a person’s birthday or mobile number is 16, they tend to have more romantic relationships. It is ideal for people seeking relationships. 

  •  Number 12 or 21

You can be a hero and wise with money if your mobile number selection as per numerology contains 12 or 21 digits concurrently. As a result, they are skilled in the economy, which is a crucial skill in the modern world.


Mobile number selection as per numerology can be very crucial for you as well as your business. It is important to consult a numerologist to assist you in selecting the right phone number.

Pooja Jainn from Digits N Destini is one of the top consultants in Hyderabad for mobile number numerology. Consult her to find the lucky phone number for you!