There are many benefits of choosing a name according to numerology. Your child can get off to a pleasant start in life and thrive at each step with the help of a lucky numerology name. 

Your child will also always feel safe when the correct energies of a lucky name are present in them. Any obstacles in your child’s path will be overcome by their capacity to do so.

Your name’s letters can help you develop a prosperous life. The benefits of numerology in choosing names have led to many people finding ways to decide on a name through numerology. This has led to the rise in the question of how to find numerology number for new born baby for being able to select a name numerologically.

How to Decide a Baby name through Numerology?

Have you ever wondered how to find numerology number for new born baby?You can find information regarding it below.

You need to know your child’s psychic number and destiny number to determine the lucky name number. A name that matches the baby’s psychic number and destiny number will be considered lucky.

You can find a person’s destiny number or even the psychic number by simply adding the digits of the date of birth. Let us take an example to learn how to find numerology number for new born baby. 

To learn how to find numerology number new born baby, let us say that your newborn infant’s birth date, month, and year is 22 May 2001. The child’s destiny number would be 3 (2+2+5+2+0+0+1= 12, however, the destiny number must be a single digit number so, the destiny number must be derived by adding the single digits of 13, i.e, 1+2=3).

You can find your child’s psychic number similarly with the help of the baby’s date of birth. The exception is that you only add the child’s birth date while calculating this core numerology number. In the same example as above, your baby’s psychic number is 4 (2+2=4). By following the above ways, you can easily learn how to find numerology number for new born baby.

Let us consider the above scenario where the Psychic number is 4 and the Destiny number is 3 to find out a favorable name number for your newborn child. Now, neither number 4 nor number 3 get along with each other. These numbers oppose each other. Therefore, it is crucial in this situation to choose a name number that is favorable to both of these numbers.

Number 1 is favorable with both numbers 4 and 3. Similarly, the digits 4 and 3 are also favorable to the number 9. Thus, it will be favorable for you if you choose the digits 1 or 9 as the name number while selecting your newborn baby’s name.

Way to Calculate Name Number: How to find numerology number for new born baby

An individual’s name number is the sum of all the values assigned to each of the alphabets in their name. The first name, surname as well as any middle name is used for the calculation of an individual’s name number. Are you curious about how to find numerology number for new born baby or the name number to be able to select a lucky name for the child? You can check out the information given below to learn how.

There are essentially two approaches that are frequently employed for calculating name numbers. They are the Chaldean Numerology System and the Kabbalah System. The difference between the two numerology systems is that the Kaballah system assigns values from 1 to 8, whereas the former assigns values from 1 to 9.

To choose a name according to numerology, you must understand how to find the baby’s birth number. A name number contains the solutions to a lot of significant life questions. 

With the assistance of the name number as well as other fundamental numerology numbers, you can discover a great deal more about your personality, goals, and inner motivations, among many other aspects of your life. This is why it is important to learn how to find numerology number for new born baby. According to numerology, each letter of the alphabet is assigned a number between 1 and 9, which is as follows:

1: A, J, S

2: B, K, T

3: C, L, U

4: D, M, V

5: E, N, W

6: F, O, X

7: G, P, Y

8: H, Q, Z

9: I, R

Let us take an example of the name Nil Singh. The first name Nil has the following numerical value: N=5, I=9, and L=1. The last name Singh is made up of the letters S, I, N, G, and H, and their corresponding numerical values are 1, 9, 5, 7, and 8 respectively.

The numerical values of the first name Sia and the last name Singh add up to 15 and 30, respectively. The sum of the two must then be determined, which is 45 (15 + 30). The number 45 is referred to as the compound number in name numerology. A two-digit integer cannot be left as the name number. As a result, you must keep adding the composite number’s digits until you reach a single number. As a result, the name number of the name Nil Singh is 9 ( 5+4=9).

Now that you have learned how to find numerology number for new born baby like the psychic number, destiny number, and the name number, it could be quite easy for you to calculate it now. Numerology assigns a specific number to each letter of the alphabet, and each such number denotes certain characteristics. Given below are the different traits represented by different name numbers:

Name number 1

The name number 1 implies initiative and independence as per name numerology. You should choose a name beginning with the number 1 if you want your child to have strong inner power.

Name number 2

Your child is more likely to be sociable and extremely adaptable to any situation in life if they have this name number. They are also likely to be amiable and helpful.

Name number 3

On calculating your child’s name number as per the instructions of how to find numerology number for new born baby, did it result in name number 3? If so, your child will have good communication and social abilities and will have a good possibility of becoming an excellent writer.

Name number 4

This number is associated with qualities like order, composure, honesty, and diligence. A child with the name 4 will likely be more sincere and disciplined.

Name number 5

The new born infants with the name number 5 will likely enjoy going on adventures. Did the name number for your child sum up to 5 after you calculated it by learning how to find numerology number for new born baby? If so, your newborn baby will develop traits like intellect, zest, energy, and flexibility as they get older.

Name number 6

After learning how to find numerology number for new born baby, did your child’s name number add up to the number 6? The name number 6 indicates a close relationship with one’s family. This number represents duty, compassion, and nurture.

Name number 7

Analytical and inquisitive traits characterize those with the number 7. Their need for knowledge and information can help children excel in the classroom. The name bearers of this number rely largely on themselves.

Name number 8

Babies with the number 8 are aspirational, self-assured, pragmatic, and realistic. So, after discovering how to find numerology number for new born baby,  if the name number of your newborn baby is 8, it is highly likely that they will frequently succeed in life and will be referred to as achievers.

Name number 9

An individual having the name number 9 is seen as compassionate, honorable, and selfless. Your child will grow up to be sympathetic, accommodating, and affectionate if their name number is 9.


You must now have a clear idea about how to find numerology number for new born baby and the way to find a lucky name for your child from the above information. It is quite clear by now that there are innumerable benefits of having a lucky name as per numerology. 

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